Lifestyle, food, décor & design, architecture, travel, family documentary photography

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I have 20 years of experience in the magazine industry. My work across a range of specialised areas means I’m just as skilled at photographing a perfectly styled plate of food as I am at capturing the personality of the chef and the design features of the restaurant where it’s served. Whether I’m walking the streets of my home town at first light to capture the story of a city and her people, shooting a day in the life of emergency services paramedics, or boarding a plane to discover the landscapes, food and hotels of Mauritius or Abu Dhabi, I’m constantly pushing myself to explore the technical and creative aspects of my craft.

My work for the likes of VISI, Woolworths TASTE, Eat Out, Mediclinic and inflight magazines Mango Juice, High Life and Sawubona, has included cover shots, editorial features and product still photography.